This work employs the method Gu calls, “digital weaving,” where a single image is created out of multiple photographs. Repeating the process of deleting and suspending each pixel of each image on the photo editing software over tens of thousands of times, and piling the resulting data onto each other, the final image gives an appearance reminiscent of a textile piece.

Born in Kyoto, raised in Shanghai, and learning photography in Kyoto, Gu has worked on the series Utopia, in which he overlaps four different locations to create a non-existent scenery. One day on his visit to Tokyo, he went up the TOKYO SKYTREE and noticed how its observatory is cut off from all external stimuli, such as the wind or sound, except visual. Gu was inspired to set observatories of skyscrapers within urban settings as the stage of this series after experiencing this sensation of being unable to tell whether he was looking at the real scenery of Tokyo or a high definition screen of it.

This image is a superimposition of four photographs captured from four directions of the observation deck of the Mori Tower at Roppongi Hills, 218 meters above ground level. The browser allows viewers to navigate a single big image as well as its 100 discrete parts.

Born in Kyoto in 1994 and raised in Shanghai. Gu graduated from the Contemporary Art and Photography Course, Kyoto University of Art and Design. During his undergraduate years, he studied abroad at The National School of Photography in Arles, France. He is currently based in Tokyo. Relying on his bodily senses within urban spaces as the foundation of his unique method of recomposing a mixture of different time and space, Gu conveys sections of unapparent informational strata through his works. In 2019, Gu received sanwacompany Art Award / Art in The House 2019 and in 2018 he was won KG+ Award 2018. His recent solo exhibitions include Utopia (Gallery Water, Tokyo, 2018) and Wu-Mai (Wacoal Studyhall Kyoto Gallery, Kyoto, 2018).


© Kenryou Gu

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